• eCommerce division of diamond jewellery manufacturer called Navgrahaa Jewels
• At the time of my joining in 2012, it was a moderately popular online jewellery brand in the UK
• Online purchases are a preferred option for UK residents who don’t wish to physically travel to Hatton Garden, London, which is where most jewellery retailers are concentrated

Fixing the Agencies

• External agencies were being paid hefty amounts, especially for SEO
• Realized that most rankings resulted from black hat techniques
• Brought SEO in-house within a month, eliminating spam and saving money in retainers
• Within the first quarter, all marketing activities were transitioned in-house for better control

Maximizing eCommerce Conversions

• Website analytics revealed an alarming 80% cart abandonment rate!
• Maximum drop-offs were happening at the login/register prompt
• It was a no-brainer then to get a Guest Checkout implemented on the site
• Cart abandonment came down to 38% within a week of introducing this change
• Visible increase in sales with the same inflow of website traffic – better conversions

Diversifying Website Traffic Sources

• Diamonds Factory was relying heavily on Google AdWords, which accounted for 99% sales
• Activated new channels of sales in the form of social media and affiliate marketing
• Created product-centric social media campaigns, which led to intent-heavy site traffic
• There were times when orders were initiated as Facebook comments or direct messages
• While the volume was not as high as AdWords, but affiliate and social sources were much cheaper
• After a point, the SEO efforts also started generating results in the form of orders via long-tail keywords

Expansion to More Geographies

• My marketing efforts led to a visible spike in sales along with better profits
• Expanded to other European countries like France, Germany and Ireland
• Replicated the catalogues with localization and translation of website content
• Set-up a dedicated online store for the US, and very soon, a physical store in New York
• Even piloted India under the brand name Style My Diamonds, but it was quickly shut down because the catalogue was very European and didn’t spark much interest locally

Revamping Customer Experience

• Led a team of UI designers to improve the customer journey on Diamonds Factory
• Laid the foundation of an entire UX revamp across all websites and geographies
• Re-launched the website along with re-branding to a fresh logo and brand palette