• After building a successful business in adventure sports, Headrush launched their ecommerce vertical
• Soon grew to be one of the largest Sellers on Amazon India with over 5 million product listings
• The next step was to diversify the ecommerce business and reduce dependence on Amazon

Building Standalone Online Storefronts

• Headrush had already launched 6 different online storefronts for specific product categories
• I started with website revamps across the portals to make the customer experience better
• In parallel, I took control of all marketing and advertising efforts to find growth opportunities
• Results were visible in just 3-4 months on some of the portals, with online revenues growing as high as 3x

The Private Label Opportunity

• The next opportunity identified in the ecommerce growth journey was private label
• Prior to this, the entire business worked on a drop-ship model, with no inventory hassles
• We started sourcing manageable stocks of products and retailing them under our own brands
• These were built in the categories of toys and games, electronics and gadgets, and home and kitchen
• Some of the products were instant hits and became Amazon bestsellers within a month of launch
• Expanded these product lines beyond Amazon to other marketplaces and our own portals

Growing the eCommerce Business

• Growth-hacked the overall e-commerce business by improving business processes
• Streamlined the process of liquidating return inventory on Amazon; multiplying revenues
• Worked on improving latency and reducing cancellation rates on Headrush-owned portals
• Led major pivots on some of the brands from curated etailing to private label
• Also planning to build new brands and product lines, based on demand data in India