• Worked with the Asset Management Company of ICICI Prudential
• Objective was to generate leads for various investment products that they offered

Lead Generation from Social Media

• Defined the psychographic profile of the target audience depending on the product
• Advertised on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIN, Google Display Network and ad networks
• Targeted the right consumer to generate relevant leads for products like Equity Linked Saving Scheme (ELSS), Balanced Advantage Fund (BAF) and Focussed Bluechip Fund etc.

Right SIP Campaign

• ICICI Prudential AMC created an online tool for calculating the right SIP amount
• Created videos and social media content around choosing the ‘right’ amount
• Generated leads whilst using creative content at the forefront to arouse interest
• Showcased multiple scenarios right from salt in food to speed on a highway where just the right amount is significant and going either higher or lower would not be a good idea

IPruTouch Mobile App

• ICICI Prudential AMC launched a mobile app for its customers to track their investments
• App also included educational videos, product explainers and calculators for right SIP etc.
• Targeted the right audience who would be potential investors or existing customers
• Advertised for app-installs and delivered over one lakh non-incentivized installs in 6 weeks