• Bangalore-based BPO services provider targeting clients in US, Europe and Australia
• Worked with them with the objective of using digital media to generate business leads

Fixing the Basics

• Started with a website revamp along with complete overhaul of content and UX
• Led a team of SEO specialists to ensure that Invensis ranked on relevant searches
• Created a social media presence for the company, along with starting a company blog
• Ensure that Invensis Technologies built and maintained a decent digital footprint

Digital Transformation of Invensis

• Personally trained all Operation Managers and Department Heads to use social media
• Helped these individuals set-up a strong LinkedIn presence and start being active on it
• Used platforms like Quora and LinkedIn to generate leads for the BPO business
• Inclusion of QR codes in brochures during trade shows and exhibitions (this was 2011)
• Built an internal product for team collaboration to connect 2000+ team members; named it vCollab

The Outcome

• Recorded a 6x increase in online enquiries, thereby saving costs in agent commissions
• Built thought leadership by strengthening the digital profile of key team members

The Photo Retouching Studio

• Apart from the BPO services, Invensis also employed a team of photo re-touchers
• Real-estate photographers and wedding photographers used Invensis for basic retouching
• Built an online interface where clients could upload raw images directly and track progress
• Expanded the services to individual consumers who wanted photo restoration or enhancements
• Even received requests for addition and removal of people in group photographs!
• Business in photo-retouching grew by more than 70% with these efforts