Lakmé Salon Runway Range Campaign


• Best performing service at Lakmé Salon is haircuts, thanks to their skilled stylists
• Most women prefer low-cost options for frequently required services like waxing etc.
• They wanted to attract more customers to try-out the other services, beyond haircuts


Increase sales of services apart from haircuts and collect leads.

Campaign Details

• Runway Range package – grouped chocolate wax, cysteine infusion, youth facial and nail art
• Started a social media campaign called #RunwayReady to promote the Runway Range
• Advertised on social media and led people to a lead collection form on the salon website
• Leveraged the Lakme Fashion Week association to establish expertise in runway services
• Got influential fashion and lifestyle bloggers to write in exchange for free experientials
• Publicized the campaign on social media with contests for further discounts on the package
• Integrated with in-salon promotions by asking customers to share their #RunwayReady selfies


• Visible increase in the number of appointments as well as actual footfalls in most salons
• Salon revenue from the targeted services increased noticeably in the campaign period
• Best part was that there was a decent retention in terms of post campaign loyal customer base

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