• NSE India is a regulated body with limitations on marketing or promotional activities
• They had financial literacy initiatives, including investor education, on non-digital channels
• I led the team that launched the digital presence of NSE India and brought such initiatives online

Launching the Digital Presence

• Started with the popular channels at that time – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN and YouTube
• Observed that most financial literacy sites and forums were too verbose and technical
• Attempted to simplify complicated concepts and make mundane topics more interesting
• Created visual content for financial literacy, targeted to existing and potential investors
• Designed Facebook applications that appeared as Tabs on the page; later shifted to videos
• Utmost care was taken to adhere to regulations and never promote specific stocks or products
• Made use of interactive social media content to engage people and invoke responses

Online Reputation Management

• Used ORM software to track and report all mentions of NSE, its products and key people
• My team segregated the mentions by platforms and sentiment; responded wherever relevant
• Proactive digital PR activities were initiated around key events and product launches

Promoting Educational Courses

• Used digital media and advertising to promote the educational courses offered by NSE
• Set-up a lead generation process for weekend MDP programs conducted in various cities
• Built awareness and collected qualified leads for full-time courses and NCFM certifications