• Officer’s Choice Whiskey is an ABD brand segmented into Red, Blue and Black variants
• Brand communication of OC Red is to awaken your inner “officer” and do the right thing
• OC Blue takes this forward to righteously ‘Raise Your Voice’ with the mnemonic “Oye!”

Launching Digital Presence

• Social media platforms impose restrictions on liquor brands, as per country-specific laws
• Launched the presence as Raise Your Voice instead of the product, to avoid such conflicts
• Vision was to build a CSR initiative and use it as a branding tool for OC Blue

Raise Your Voice to Support Women

• Social media content was used to build awareness about crimes against women
• Statistics related to dowry deaths, rape, and other similar crimes were published
• Urged men to become a metaphorical ‘Officer’ in real life with campaigns like #IOyeAt
• Designed creative campaigns to get the point across; one such campaign was done on Valentine’s Day
• Motivated both men and women to come forward and raise their voice against such issues
• Created a music video for connecting with the youth and inculcating a sense of realization