Nivesh Jain

My digital marketing career started in 2009, as a blogger and social media executive. After a few years of hands-on experience in execution, I moved to an eCommerce company. With the additional responsibility of ensuring online sales conversions, my expertise broadened to search marketing, Google AdWords, social advertising and affiliate marketing as well.

Next, I was hungry for a wider, multi-sector exposure and moved to a digital agency as their Mumbai Branch Head, where I led digital campaigns and launches for some of the biggest and most popular brands of the country. Post that, I joined a digital startup in the entertainment industry as the Head of Marketing, where I not only supervised the launch of a digital marketplace for entertainment, but also offered digital marketing as a service to film producers and artists. From there, I moved to the travel sector as the Head – Digital Marketing and Content for a company that provides visas to Indian nationals via an online portal.

In all projects, my approach is to align the marketing strategies to measurable business objectives. My strength lies in planning, while ensuring the most optimum utilization of available resources. I specialize in using technology to identify and target the right audience and serve them with personalized and relevant communication, which eventually improves the conversion rates. I also have a knack for building team ecosystems that churn-out great marketing ideas while maintaining a good efficiency in executional operations.

As a psychology enthusiast, I’m able to add value to marketing communication and make it relevant to the recipients. Moreover, my obsession with design and aesthetics enhances the overall consumer experience to a delightful one.

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