Reliance Energy


• Power distribution company serving more than 27 lakh customers in Mumbai
• Objective was to utilize digital media for improving customer experience
• I led the team that launched the official digital presence of Reliance Energy

Real-time Grievance Redressal

• Dissatisfied customers used to rant on social media
• Most issues were either billing and payment related or about power outages
• We tracked such social media posts and tweets and worked with Reliance for resolution
• On the other side, my team used to respond to the customers with real-time status
• Most issues were resolved and closed within a few hours!

Innovation with Twitter API

• Enabled automation of service alerts and outage information
• People could tweet with specific hashtags and receive automated replies with relevant info
• Reliance was one of the first brands to use this innovation on a commercial scale

Handling Power Outage Incidents

• Objective was to minimize consumer outburst during large-scale outage incidents
• Power was down for 11 hours on Sep 02, 2014 affecting 40% Mumbai (8.28 million people)
• We started with precise and real-time tweets about the exact status of the outage
• Engaged Mumbai-based influencers for a wider outreach of this information
• Our team individually responded to all the queries and comments on social media
• Since we proactively informed our customers, we recorded just one negative tweet!
• This was a much-appreciated social media win, considering the scale of affected people

Awareness about Energy Conservation

• Popularized Earth Hour and similar initiatives using social media

• Used creative communication during festivals and regular updates to convey the message

• Created a character called Conservekar, which translated to ‘you should conserve’
• Disseminated mundane information in interesting doodles using the character
• Marathi touch to the name ensure a good resonance with the Mumbai audience
• Character was well received and we started using it beyond just energy conservation updates

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