• Provides visa consultancy and fulfillment services to Indian nationals via an online portal
• Funded by EQT, VAssist started as a VFS Global project called Visas of the World
• Joined VAssist as the Marketing Head with the objective of growth-hacking the online portal

Marketing Strategy Overhaul

• Restructured the AdWords campaigns to make the optimization strategy conversion-oriented
• Transitioned SEM in-house for improving campaign control and better cost efficiency
• Achieved positive unit economics by 85% CAC reduction; while doubling pax volume in less than 6 months
• Diversified marketing sources from just AdWords to email, social media, SEO and others
• Improved LTV of acquired customers by introduction of loyalty programs for frequent international travelers

Building Growth Focused Cross-Functional Teams

• Implemented Spotify Model for building cross-functional teams with focused objectives
• Enabled product revamp with this methodology and significantly improved conversion rates
• Increased sensitivity to data collection and analysis; fixed reporting and attribution inaccuracies

Transformation to Scalable Self-Sustaining Business

• The revamped version of the product exhibited a much better online conversion rate
• On top of that, bulk of the business could run without human intervention, thanks to marketing automation
• This model was proven to be scalable to other markets and could be easily replicated for expansion
• VFS Global has now completely taken control of VAssist and merged it with other VAS verticals