Award-winning digital marketing leader, specializing in growth strategy and ecommerce. Currently working with a global online retail company, defining the growth roadmap, aligning performance marketing with online sales targets, steering content marketing efforts to enhance brand salience and supervising product management to improve conversion rates. I also have first-hand experience in business model overhaul, turnaround strategies and profit maximization.

I started my career with blogging and social media in 2009, which helped me gain proficiency in content marketing and brand storytelling. With a keen interest in the digital economy, cyberculture and new technologies, supplemented by an educational background in engineering, I am pretty adept at data analytics and martech as well.

Scaling Amid the Pandemic

We’ve managed to scale Handelnine Global, despite various challenges induced by the Covid19 pandemic. Read about this journey in this case study.

Awards and Features

Topmost Digital Marketing Leaders Award 2022

This page enlists all the awards and recognition that I have received for my work, including links to publications where I’ve been featured.

Digital Launches

Digital Launches of Popular Brands and Noteworthy Companies

I’ve led the digital launches of various brands and companies, over the years. Some of the most noteworthy ones are mentioned in this post.